Hi, I'm Steve with Metal Games. Thanks for visiting my site. I build Chess, Checkers and Go (an ancient Chinese game) boards out various metals (primarily Aluminum). The modern games of Othello, Reversi and Pente can also be played on the Go board. I also build Steel, Brass and Copper chess and checker pieces, and provide agate stones for the Go games. All metal boards and pieces are made by hand, by me. I hope you like them. 


Etsy Customer 9/26/2019

 "Absolutely beautiful board of phenomenal quality. It's even nicer in  person than it is in the picture. The seller was prompt and shipping was  very quick. I'm very happy with my new chess board! "

Etsy Customer 9/12/2019

 "Chess board arrived safely & securely packed in a box. MetalGames'  communication was excellent. The board is beautiful!  The product image  is accurate to the one I received; only minor differences due to being  custom.  My Marvel chess pieces look fantastic on it. Good value for the  price."

Etsy Customer 9/28/2019

This is really stunning work. I’m a chess player and a woodworker so I know quality and craftsmanship when I see it. Moreover, I thought that a metal board would be the only suitable Platform for these Marvel and DC chess pieces that I have. I put some metal pieces on it as well, and it was even more astounding.

The squares are perfectly sized for large sculpted pieces. The boards that these themes sets come with are never, never large enough! Looking around at other reviews, I’m glad to see that people felt similarly to me concerning the superheroes. This board is a steal at this price. If you’re even thinking about getting it, do so.

Ebay Customer 10/2/2019

"....the chess set is a piece of art work, we are very pleased..."

Etsy Customer 11/3/2019

" Beautiful item, very well made,  thx"

International eBay Customer (Japan) 11/11/2019

"I received the nice set. Thank you for your perfect service!" 

Etsy Customer 1/2/2020

 "I bought this brushed aluminum go board for my boyfriend for Christmas, and it is perfect!... We've played a few games of go with this board, and it looks super sleek and modern while still preserving the essential function of the board. The agate stones are great to play with too, and sit really well on the board. My boyfriend said this is now the coolest thing he owns. I seriously can't say enough about the quality of the craftsmanship! I'm so glad I found this board, it's so much more personal and perfect than getting a standard wooden one that's been mass produced. Thank you Steve!"

Etsy Customer 1/1/2020

 "Beautiful and very well made. Very impressed! Thank-you."





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